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Spray Tanning

We understand that not everyone wants to use sunbeds in order to obtain a healthy looking tan. At Beautiful Touches, we offer a luxury tanning service using Beau Bronz products. Beau Bronz products are paraben free, and only contain natural and certified organic ingredients. They are therefore vegitarian and vegan friendly.

With the Beau Bronz system, your skin is prepared to receive the tan by using a pre tan exfoliating spray. This eliminates anything that can act as a barrier between the skin and the tanning solution, giving a much more even tan.

After the tan has been applied, a post tan spray is then applied to "lock in" the tan, and drench the skin in moisturiser prolonging the life of the tan. This helps to prevent staining clothes and bed sheets.

Beautiful Touches can help you achieve the tan you desire, from a light to medium spring time glow, to a dark "Hollywood Glamour" tan. Remember, a safe tan is a fake tan! - From £15

Tanning by Beautiful Touches, Minster

3D Contour Tanning

Contouring is the process of sculpting and adding definition without going under the knife.

By combining darker and lighter tanning shades, you are able to sculpt and shape the body, creating the illusion of a more defined and toned physique.

This type of tanning is perfect for brides, grooms, body builders or for that one special night. - £30

Tanning by Beautiful Touches, Minster

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